About Me

I started taking photos at the age of 15 with disposable cameras. I remember the first time I got up early to cycle around West Cork and take pictures of all that was around me. I didn't know why but I wanted to try and record it on something more tangible than my mind. The pictures weren't very good but the enjoyment was in being out looking for things to photograph. It made me look at what was around me with a greater appreciation. I gradually picked up better cameras and learned a thing or two about them and their functions and as time goes on I'm continuously learning and trying to develop my photography.

Most photographers (a label I'm slow to attach to myself as I feel I know quite little) are gear nerds. Up to now (January 2014) I've been slow to get stuck into the technical side of things. The real enjoyment from cameras for me is still in being out in the landscape, using them as a tool to help me frame something special. I try to do as much as possible in camera so as not to have to spend too long at the computer afterwards, though I'm always reminding myself of the camera's limits. So far I've hardly dipped a toe into the vast pool of editing information out there but slowly I pick up a bit of knowledge here, another helpful hint there. The majority of the time I'm trying to recreate the scene as I saw it; nature doesn't need embellishing. Other times the camera can provide a creative edge useful for showing a more abstract view of the world. Either way the natural world is still the inspiration.

I love being in the outdoors; for the scenery, the weather, the wildlife, the fresh air (you won't find many cityscapes here!). For reasons as unknown to me as those that make me want to make pictures I feel very aware of how place affects me. I'm almost always happiest at some coastal edge or mountainscape, especially if the infinite variables of weather, land and light are coming together to reveal something beautiful. Since picking up cameras I've become more and more conscious of light. On mornings or evenings when I'm stuck in some suburb or confined from a wide open view during a brief window of golden light I get restless, scared of not seeing the show. Every day is different and very few scenes in Ireland repeat themselves. It seems a shame to miss even one.

I enjoy looking at other's photographs and feel a good image can provide inspiration on a dull day and spark thoughts and dreams of trips away to beautiful places. As well as that I think photography can create an appreciation of the natural world, the world we live on that provides us with everything we need. Inspiring imagery certainly does this for me; no matter what's happening in my life there's always some wonder and joy to be got from observing the natural world (a theme we're as close to as anything else, despite the man-made idea that we're separate or distinct from all that goes on around us). Without an appreciation of this there is little hope of conserving it so I hope some of my images will inspire people to care about the planet that bit more.

Take a look around! I hope you like what you see. Feedback (including criticism) is always welcome.

(Photo by Jasmine Eldred)