I'm a non-professional, awardless photography enthusiast from Cork, now living in West Kerry. The natural world is what interests me most. The first photographs I made were just an excuse to take a memory of a nice place away with me. These days I'm more aware of photographs for the sake of photography. Scenes that speak for themselves are more universal than personal memories most of the time, though every image will obviously remind me of a certain time and place, and I still savour the trips down memory lane. I enjoy looking at other peoples' photography, and I mean really looking and examining it, not just scrolling past. Image books and magazines are a big motivator for me to get out and see the world, and I can't deny that I like the idea that photographs of mine might inspire others similarly. Hence this website.

I've been interested in making photographs since I was 15, though the technical side of photography has never excited me as much as the scenes and moments I want to photograph. As such the camera is a means to an end for me, and I tend not to be too focused on gear, which seems unusual in the nerdy world of cameraphiles. If I had money to burn I would happily indulge in procuring the best of gear, but I still think the method is more important than the machine, especially given the current standard of even the most basic cameras. Obviously a certain level of practical knowledge is imperative to open up windows of opportunity when a scene presents itself, and I'm not totally inept. Just don't expect to read much about chromatic aberration or the pros and cons of CCD and CMOS censors here.

I hope you enjoy what you see.

Richard, June 2017

(Photo by Jasmine Eldred)