Twelve from Fifteen

03rd January 2016
It's a new year, and before I get stuck into it I like to reflect on the last one, and set about the near-impossible task of picking my favourites from the previous twelve months. I've tried to select just one photograph from each month, which was easy for some and much more difficult for others. There's a mix of stuff here, which is nice. The banner on this website is Landscape, Adventure and Wildlife Images and this line up has photographs from all three fields that I'm proud to say are mine, and will hopefully inspire some others in some way.


I made a lot of images last January but none of them jump off the screen for being brilliant. This is the best I can see for now; an alright image of a very spectacular sunset at Garrylucas.


I found this location on the day the previous image was made and immediately knew that I needed to come back for some sunset. Return trips to locations with specific ideas in mind don't often pan out as you've planned, but this time it worked out even better than I could have imagined!


The summer of 2015 started at the end of March (and finished in May...) and I can't say I didn't make the most of it. This was a particularly brilliant day in West Kerry. I half jokingly suggested we go for a swim. I wasn't expecting such an enthusiastic answer!


Good weather in April is some of the nicest we can get in Ireland, as the landscape wakes up from its long winter. After a day trip to An Blascaod Mór proved hard to leave the plan was made to return overnight. This was the kind of weather we enjoyed for most of the month. Waking up to it in such an amazing place was very special.


For the third year in a row I spent the summer on the Loop Head Peninsula, a place I miss every day I'm not there. It was brilliant to see a landscape I feel such affinity to covered in one of my favourite flowers. I had always come to the Loop too late to see the sea thrift in bloom, so it was special to see it this year. I was tempted to choose this photo for the month of May, but decided it was too similar to April's choice.


This was another month that I could have chosen two images from. The runner up was from the Castle Point cave, one of the most exciting locations I've ever stumbled across. If you ask me in a few days time I might prefer that one to this; a truly beautiful sunset at Grean Rock. Light doesn't get much lower than that in Ireland.


It took three summers of working on maybe the world's best wildlife tour boat to get this image. I couldn't have asked for much more. It's not easy to get razor sharp, well framed images of animals that spend most of their time underwater, and don't spend all their time in such spectacular behaviour when they do show themselves, so I'm especially pleased with this one.


There are many reasons why I love this image, but from a photography point of view it's good to show that you don't need vivid sunset colours to make a nice landscape photograph (a trap I often fall for). Every scene we see has the potential for a striking image. Some are just more obvious to notice than others.


It was very nearly this one; yet another mind-blowing seacave experience from one of my favourite places. But this double humpback photograph makes me very happy. It was one of the final encounters I photographed during a long day on the water, and I'm glad I had the composure to go after this one slowly (as slow as you can with such a rushed event) and come away with something I'm very very pleased with.


I went to Iceland to photograph it's incredible landscape and arrived home with my favourite image coming from a dirty car park with only a thin sliver of Icelandic land in the frame. Good times with good friends, and a good lesson re-learned; when it's not going to plan, make a new plan.


I moved to West Kerry this past winter, chasing the memories I've made in this fascinating place in the hope that living here will bring daily doses of similar inspiration. The reality is different but I'm not complaining. I have few remarkable images from this month, but this sky was certainly noteworthy.


The winter of 2015/16 has been rough so far, with unrelenting storms and record levels of rain. But it only takes a few minutes at the end of the day to go from grey to great for landscape photography. Admittedly, I think the composition is a bit weird here, but I have some lovely video footage of this scene that works a lot better, and will hopefully see the light of day in a film edit soon.

Thanks to everybody who supported me in any way during the year. It was an exciting year for me from a photography point of view, and when people leave good feedback, ask for advice or decide they want a picture of mine hanging on their wall it gives me great satisfaction. I'd be making images even if I was the only one who was ever allowed look at them, but it's a great feeling when other people share an interest in the stuff I like to look at.

Roll on 2016!


Photo comment By Kerry O'Grady: Beautiful photographs of all my favourite places.
Photo comment By Estelle: Beautiful photos !
Photo comment By Richard: Thanks Kerry and Estelle!

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